1. Mission statement
  2. Values
  3. Userbase
  4. Funding
  5. Management Team
  6. How to join us


1. Mission statement:

EU Matrix is a EU-focused research platform adapted to the digital age. It combines expert insight and digital technology to provide factual and objective information on how the EU political machinery works. We collect publicly-available information from a variety of sources. We then structure and interpret it based on our experience in order to deliver the unbiased assessments that both professionals and the public at large need to have in a functional democracy. 

In this way, we help at quickly filtering out the noise, the personal biases and the inherent stereotypes that sometimes prevent us from seeing trends clearly. We help at understanding where each political entity actually stands on hot topics when European debates take place and decisions are made. 

We are mainly based in Brussels (EU’s Capital) and we have a network of experts across the EU and internationally


2. Values:

We want to service our users by providing top quality research that allows you to easily follow and forecast the flow of events. To do so, it is critical to adhere to high standards of both precision and objectivity

We employ academic methods in analysing the information, ensuring that the data is correct, precise and representative

We are independent, politically-neutral and we present the results of our research in a factual, non-judgemental and non-emotional manner, in order to allow our users to make their own assessments. 

Where content is being produced using external sources, such as data from other providers, or interviews with / articles by third parties, this will be transparently marked as such. 

We hold a high respect for professional ethics and personal privacy. Our assessments are based strictly on activities undertaken by decision-makers while publicly exercising their mandate of political representatives. To this end, we use information that is purposely publicised by the public institutions, political representatives or private actors. 


3. Userbase:

 Our users come from a very large spectrum of categories, such as the academia, the EU and national public institutions, political parties, think tanks, the private sector, consultancies, NGOs, media, etc.


4. Funding

We are keen on remaining financially-independent. To this purpose, we have made our own investments and we work on raising the funding we need for maintaining and developing this new project from a wide range of sources, through subscriptions to our premium analyses, customised (upon-request) research, training, presentations and other services. We also accept commitment-free donations and in-kind support. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of the above. 


5. Management Team:

Doru P. Frantescu (CEO & founder) has over 15 years of experience in advising on EU policy-making, having previously founded and headed VoteWatch Europe. He has been nominated by Politico Europe among top 40 most influential personalities in EU affairs. His work has been quoted as example of best practices by the EU and national institutions and he’s been interviewed by the media around the world (including Financial Times, Bloomberg, Euronews, CNN, France24, BBC, etc). He is also co-author of “How to Work with European Institutions” (John Harper Publishing).  

As a data architect and passionate futurist, Doru has also joined the European Alliance for Artificial Intelligence. Having lived in several parts of Europe, he works to be a bridge-builder between cultures and professional sectors. He speaks fluently English, French, Spanish, Italian and Romanian. [email protected]

Davide Ferrari (Head of Research & partner) has a background in cognitive sciences and European public affairs and graduated top of his class at the specialised Master program at the Maastricht University. Davide coordinates qualitative and quantitative research related to EU decisions and international developments. He enjoys exploring the intricacies of socio-political and inter-cultural interactions and is passionate with data and stats from all spheres of life. Having lived in several European countries, he speaks Italian, English and some French. [email protected]

Iulia Manole (PR associate) has 15 years of working experience, most of which at management level, in both the corporate and the NGOs sectors. She has delivered training for hundreds of people in democratic values and the functioning of the political systems. Iulia has a special interest in the health and agri-food policies. She is passionate about functional and integrative nutrition and she has provided specialised coaching in maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. [email protected]

Elena Petrescu (PA associate). Elena is a Public Affairs professional with experience in a wide range of sectors, including energy, IT&C and agri-food. She cooperated with top government and international organisations, providing policy analysis and political communication. Elena studied international relations and has graduated from the European Academy of Diplomacy of Poland. She speaks English, Spanish, French and Romanian and is passionate about Hispanic culture.

6. How to join us:

We employ project-based or part-time talent in Brussels, but also elsewhere in Europe (some work is done remotely, in line with the digital age we live in). Cooperation opportunities depend on our needs in different periods. 

We are looking for both senior experts and junior staff / interns. If you like our work and you would like to join / cooperate with our team in any way, feel free to contact us at [email protected]