Become the political data master in your team (coaching program)

Become the political data master in your team (coaching program)

Brussels-based lobby and political offices increasingly need staff with proper political data literacy.

As AI and automation is taking over the basic research, secure for yourself a sustainable career path by becoming the political data expert in your organization!

AI not only does the research for us, but it also helps us develop our emotional intelligence and situational awareness. Mastering data analysis makes us more strategic, helps us optimize the use of our vital energy and thus diminish our stress. It helps us advance in our professional career, but also to have a more balanced and healthier life.

Join our coaching program to learn how to use the most advanced data-driven tools that allow you to:

  •  Easily do the research on how each decision-maker is pushing and pulling policies;
  •  Develop the skills to filter the noise and ‘read the room’;
  •  Impress your colleagues and advance your career.

Take this coaching program with Doru P. Frantescu (nominated by Politico among Top 40 Influencers in Brussels for providing a data-driven crystal ball to navigate systemic changes in the EU) and his team.

You will get both the knowledge and proper certification. Prepare today for being competitive on the public affairs job market of tomorrow!

We deliver tailored coaching for individuals and teams. Contact us to signal your interest and find out more information at [email protected] mentioning “coaching” in the subject line. 

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