Premium research services for EP2024 elections and beyond

Premium research services for EP2024 elections and beyond

We currently provide the most wanted info-pack about the EP2024 elections to a wide range of institutional and socio-economic stakeholders. We also think ahead and we are developing unrivaled analytical and forecasting tools to support the work of PA professionals as soon as the new political cycle begins. Our subscribers have now switched from the "guessing and fire-fighting" mode to calm, strategic planning. 


Our (frequently updated) EP2024 elections info-pack includes:

  • The likely number of seats per political group and national party in all 27 EU countries. 
  • The likely Members of the European Parliament post-elections (incumbents that are likely to be re-elected, as well as completely new MEPs). This analysis includes: names, probability of re-election, position on the party list, their policy expertise, the likely EP committees they are interested in, as well as the directions in which they are likely to push EU legislation at the beginning of their mandate in key sectors like health, agri-food, environment, migration, etc. At this stage, we centralised the information on over 60% of the likely post-elections MEPs. 
  • Impact of the elections on the directions of EU policies: in which policy areas we can expect the next EP (and by extension the EU as a whole) to regulate differently than the current one ? What will be the outcome of key votes in the next EP ?
  • Likely Commissioners in the 2024-2029 College. Who will send each Capital in the next Commission and which portfolios they are likely to occupy ? We keep track of all the names that are being circulated, both for line Commissioners and the top EU posts. 
  • Parties’ calendar, manifestos and campaigning: we keep track of the topics and angles addressed by each of the political competitors in order to predict how the compromise for the EU’s working program is likely to look like. 

All of this information is very frequently updated (every week). We provide this in the form of presentations to your teams and/or reports and tables

If you are interested in subscribing to this service, contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you to discuss terms. 


Are you thinking ahead and you’d like to have a head start when the new political cycle starts ? Then you may be interested in our regular monitoring service, which allows you to forecast and keep track of the positions of each of the MEPs, Governments and Commissioners on key points of contention in the upcoming legislation. Our “crystal ball” allows our subscribers to switch from fire-fighting mode to calm, strategic planning.

Furthermore, we are also developing tools that help public affairs professionals measure and report the impact of their work, so that it can be appreciated at its true value. 

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you to schedule a free demonstration.

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